Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flea Circus and a thought

I spent the past two evenings working on an independent film called Flea Circus. I got to play a late 1950's college student drinking in a bar with a friend (and flirting with the busboy). It's always great getting to meet local actors and filmmakers. I get so inspired. It was fun, but I will be napping off and on today to get ready for my normal school teaching schedule, after getting home the past two mornings at 6am and 5:00am. There are only 12 more teaching days left for the school year. I can't believe it. This year, already over, wow! I am looking forward to summer, but I hope it doesn't go by in a blink like the rest of the year.

*I also wanted to add something that I started thinking about last night. While waiting around to be called to set, I was reading and listening several girls/women going through magazines and at first I smiled to hear them say... 'I don't like looking at fashion magazines because they make me feel bad about myself'. I understand that, depending on how you feel about yourself, or what your goals may be. What happened next, is what actually frustrated me. They started to "cut up" the women on every page of the magazine, pointing out what they viewed as flaws from "being too old to do whatever...", "being out of style", "who does she think she is?", "she's trying to stay young". I don't know...I am certainly not innocent in the judging and labeling myself and others category, far from it. I guess its just frustrating to be reminded that women are so critical of each other instead of supportive of their differences (which are often strengths). There is already a shortage of parts for "real women"; and I usually hear women, more often than men saying what women "should" look like (I've been guilty too I hate to admit). Male characters are respected and adored in all shapes and sizes. Female characters, not so much. I admire people that live life their way and believe in themselves, and to heck with the naysayers. Ladies, if I may say... let's take it easier on ourselves and each other. I'm going to do my best to take my own advice.


PS- Here's a cell phone pic of 1950's Misty.

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ooo! I like 50's Misty. :)