Friday, September 19, 2008

The first one, and thoughts

Ok, so in the extra time that I have recently had. I have been doing some drawing and painting. Here is one, and it is still somewhat rough. I mean, I painted it out of my head, so some of the features are probably way off. In fact, I know they are, but oh well... Anyway, what I wanted to share was what happened in a fifth grade class yesterday. I had a student who always finishes early come talk to me. He wanted to see my painting, he really liked it and started sharing his thoughts about it. (Wow, it always amazes me how intuitive and smart kids are.) He understood all the symbolism and made suggestions. I was impressed. But, the last thing he said is what struck me the most. He asked me if I was almost finished, and I said yes, then he asked "so... you're gonna' let the man win?" All, I could do is stare at him in disbelief and then think to myself. "No! I'm not." I still have more images to work out but I have a new perspective now, and I'm grateful for that.


Holly said...

It is a really cool painting. It made me tear up.

mistypoe said...

Thanks for commenting. Yeah... I guess it's pretty sad stuff. :-( I wish it wasn't.