Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Creativity Overload

With all of this painting that I've been doing, I decided to enter two paintings in the Teacher Art Show that will be hung at the Hideout on Congress Next month. I put a couple of paintings in the show the year before last and it was really well done. I have some paintings that I did last winter/spring that I am going to put in. Who knows, maybe I can even sell one.

Tonight I have the showcase for the acting class that I take on Tuesday nights. I had been trying to find a scene for it for what seemed like forever, and then a fellow classmate just literally dropped one in my lap that worked great. I hope it goes over well. It's nice to actually get to perform in front of people that have not been watching the scene in progress. To top it off, the material in the scene (which is from Clerks) was actually uncomfortable to Mona. LOL! I'd never seen her shocked before, so that was funny, but she still likes the scene, so yay us!

I think I've gotten all of the "images" out of my head. I always worry that by painting them, it might offend some people, but it's just my way of moving past things, and getting them off of my mind, and onto paper instead. I'm looking forward to happier times, and new inspiration for my paintings and other creative outlets. I mean, it's fall for goodness sakes! There's just WAY too much fun to be had this time of year.


PS- I'll post images of the paintings I will be hanging later, on a less crazy busy day.

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