Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Printmaking and Stamp making!

This past Saturday I went to a workshop to learn some new printmaking techniques. I'm excited to try and come up with some fancy ones of my own. These are some practice ones that I made in the workshop. Enjoy!

These are from stamps made by drawing on styrofoam, then coloring the stamps with marker and then pressing onto paper.
This is a print made from a string stamp (made with string glued on cardboard). Next time I will cut the pieces rather than wrapping the string like an etch-a-sketch. :-)

This is a print made from a soft block cutting. I cut "Hark!" into the front and back going forward and backwards. I think it made a really cool image with them both printed in the same spot with different colors. Fun!

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Holly said...

These are cool! I'm glad you are learning how to do this stuff! :)