Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Starry Night Lesson

Here is the Starry Night Lesson Plan example for my first and second grade classes. -Thought it was pretty cute. (about an inch of it is cropped off the bottom... darn small scanner)


Holly said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...


Do you have the lesson plan for this work?
I have been searching the internet and this is
the best i have found by far!


mistypoe said...

Hi Melissa!
I've recently had a lot of interest about this lesson plan since it began being tagged on Pinterest. I'd be happy to create a new post with the materials and steps for creating the project. Thanks for the compliment and interest! :-)


mistypoe said...

Anyone coming to this page from Pinterest or elsewhere, I've created an new post with the Starry Night Lesson plan on it at:

Kristi said...

I wondered if it is easy to access your lesson plan for Starry Starry Night? It is lovely and would love to teach it to my son's 5th grade class.


Misty Poe said...

Hi Kristi! Thanks for your interest. I created a post in 2013 with the lesson plan. Here's a link to it! Hope you enjoy teaching it as much as I did.