Monday, May 4, 2009

Working Through

I had an interesting encounter with my garbage disposal this weekend. It involved some old rice, that I ummm... thought I could dispose of... Haha... long story short, I HAD to try it, and now I HAVE a plumber coming over to fix it... (I must be some kind of scientist or something-hahaha) I still have so much going on right now. I'm getting ready to get a few new headshots, I am getting my classroom, students, etc. ready to close shop for summer. Only 21 more days of work... CRAZY! This year has flown by for me, for so many reasons.

At the moment I am trying to find things that make me feel peaceful and productive. I've been so busy and stressed lately; I suddenly realized yesterday that I've stopped singing. That's my current goal, to get back to where I am so happy, I just sing, for no good reason. I miss it.

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