Monday, June 22, 2009


My silly grandmother.  :-)

I've been scanning dozens and dozens of photos of my grandmother and family from 90 plus years ago to today for my grandmother's upcoming 90th birthday celebration. We're planning on making it a big event. Anyway, I am in charge of scanning and cleaning up images to show during the party. It has been a lot of fun seeing all of these photos scanned. Close up, all of the details pop out, and suddenly they are no longer photos, they are images of lives lived. I can almost hear the talking and laughter, smell the food, and even feel the heat (there wasn't any a/c in some of them, and it's Texas). I have even found many photos of my family that I hadn't ever seen before. I'm so lucky to have a grandmother and uncles that photographed our lives so now we have such a rich record.
Here's one of me with my mom. She looks so pretty.

Here's one of me and my sister. I'm very lucky to have such a cool sister too.

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