Friday, July 3, 2009

The cutest thing

If you know me, you probably know that although I LOVE animals of all kinds, there are a few types of birds that are on my "list", if you know what I mean. Well, house wrens are not on that list. I adore them. They are so... funny, little, and cute, and I love their song. Well, I had a little wren pick my backyard for nesting this past spring. In fact, the perfect place for her nest was decidedly my porch light fixture. I wanted a little wren in my backyard so bad, that I decided I could do without it for while. I haven't seen the wren in a while, but it's been so hot that I haven't looked for it that much. I decided to take a peek this morning, and I found the most adorable little nest full of eggs. I'm thinking they were probably abandoned long ago, but I carefully put it back up, just in case. Hee-hee... look at all of the kitty and Tiger hairs in the nest.

Enjoy! Happy Fourth of July Weekend Everyone!!! :-)

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Holly said...

That first photo is so great! All the feathers around the eggs make it look so dreamy.:-)