Friday, February 12, 2010

Starry Night Technique Class

Thursday night I had a lot of fun at Ceramics Bayou taking the glazing technique class that my friend Heather was teaching. They offer this class regularly and I highly recommend it. Here are some pics of the fun. :-)

Heather, explaining the process...

The first steps...

My finished tile. I have to go back to finish my mug. I got a little detail happy.

Heather's husband, Jeff's plaque turned out great. Everyone's did. They were SO much fun to paint.

Another attendee's awesome mug.

A picture of everyone's tiles... not sure why I forgot to take a pic of the mugs. Hmmm...

Here's my Valentine... haha. It's a puzzle, a fairy kitty, and it says You're Magical. It's perfect!


Holly said...

This is awesome! They all look so great!

Steve said...

Dude, that is just flat-out cool. (I know you are not a dude)