Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, I'm so tired... but what a nice day! :-)

First, when I got to work, I got the sweetest bouquet.

Then I drove to Volente Beach with three giggling 5th grade girls playing games on my iPhone in the backseat. I had a great time spending the day hanging out with my Safety Patrol team and even went on "The Taco" water slide again (and screamed so loud my voice got hoarse.

After work, I drove to North Austin to attend an Ebru workshop.

Nazli was SO patient with us. Her brushes were made from rose branches and horse hair. Her paints were all earth based. And look what I made! I asked her to help me make a carnation and she did. :-) Check out my masterpiece! haha


Here's Jenifer's masterpiece. She made a Turkish Tulip.

Last, the hostesses served us homemade Turkish treats and tea. Man, they were all delicious. What a great day! Ahhh.... now I am ready for beddy...

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Holly said...

That is wonderful! I'm glad you had such a great day!:-)
My mouth started watering when I saw that food.