Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Moving Forward

This week I am getting all sorts of things done. Once I get things in order around here, I will be setting up my little art workshop and moving right along. I never watch it but, yesterday, I caught a little bit of Oprah where they were making women over to look younger. One of the stylists on there told a woman that she needed to start getting cute for herself. I thought yeah... that's what I need to do to pull myself out of my Spotbear missing funk. Hopefully, after having everything cleaned in my house and redecorating and rearranging all of the rooms, I will start being able to bring old school Misty back! I've missed her. She's pretty fun, creative, silly, and an awesome dresser. I can do this, I'm a toughie! haha... Here's my start with my new summer dress. I may even use it for my character wardrobe Now, as my mother would say, I need to accessorize. ;-) hmmm...


RB said...

That's a little blurry, but is that a child riding a bird? Little Nemo comes to mind.

Hope you don't mind my saying this...but you look smashing. :-)

mistypoe said...

Yes, it is a young girl on a black swan. The button is actually a pin from a set of pins that I bought on a site called Etsy by an artist named Emily Martin. I like some of her paintings, and I thought a little pin would be fun.

And... Thank you! :-) (I don't mind)