Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Name Reflection Skeletons!

This was a cute activity that my friend Carin found.  She asked me to type up a little how-to for it, so here it is.

Supplies needed:

Plain white printing paper
Black construction paper
X-acto knives (depending on age group and detail wanted)
glue or glue sticks


Fold white paper in half and write your name in cursive in pencil on the folded edge, making sure that the edges of the letters touch the edges of the fold.  Use your pencil to make your cursive name into "bubble letters" by expanding the shape around your handwriting.

Keeping paper folded in half cut your "bubble letter" name out, making sure to leave it's "mirror" attached by not cutting on the fold where the letters touch.  You can, of course, cut the snippets of space out from between letters, creating something like a snowflake effect.  Once, you have finished cutting out your skeleton, open the fold and you have your ribcage.  With the leftover paper draw one arm, and one foot on doubled paper, then a pear shaped head on a fold, and cut them out.  You can decorate the face by cutting half a nose, one eye and half a mouth while the paper is still folded. Add any other decorations you want.

Arrange and glue all the pieces down and you have a Name Reflection Skeleton!  :-)


The Groiler said...

very cool, I love it!

melanie said...

I want to try it!

Carin said...

Dot, dot, not a lot on the glue! :)
Great job Ms Poe!! Thank you for posting this. I will be sharing it! :)