Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spiced Fig Tea, Tiger Time, Drawing, Painting, and Hulu... sigh...

This morning, with my cat Dolly behind me, and my little Tigerlily snuggled up next to me, I am determined to get some of my creative ideas out of my head and onto paper, etc. Spiced Fig Tea from the Steeping Room, here in Austin is one of those tea blends that just gives me a cozy feeling when I drink it (especially with a little honey added). I've been listening to a wren singing outside my home. I've only spotted her once, and she was SO cute. I think Bewick's wrens are my favorite birds. They have such a cute little song, and they are also so silly and ridiculous with the way they build their little nests in some of the strangest places. Still between the wren and some photos I found of a neighbor's morning glories and cardinal climber, and a pic of red cypress vine. I am inspired to begin painting some images of birds and flowers. (Hmmm... there's a handsome cardinal out there tempting me to paint him too.) I think my workshop this past Thursday on O'Keeffe Poppies inspired me to attempt painting more images of birds and flowers, something I haven't done much of in the past. It kind of seems strange, considering that plants and gardening are some of my favorite things in the world.

Happy Sunday, and wish me luck. I hope to post some images of my work later today.

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