Friday, March 2, 2012

A Yay Day!

Today, after getting things done that I had to do, I did some things that I guess I also had to do, but I wanted to do, too.  I went to one of my happy places, The Natural Gardener and got a few plants to cheer up my space.  I got a bright coral geranium, some  old spice and butterfly variety sweet peas, and a miniature white daisy.  I did the mowing, which means weed eating my little yard.  I weeded the flower beds, or as I like to say, "I got my hoein' on."  Haha!  I kid, I kid... Everything looks happy now. My pink skullcap is almost ready to bloom, my rosemary is huge, my Belinda's dream rose and salvia greggii are loaded with blooms.  I even discovered where the adorable little house wrens that visit my garden live.  They live in a blue plastic watering can hanging on my neighbor's patio wall.  Hee-hee! 
It  doesn't look like much now, but hopefully those hot pink cages will be crawling with sweet peas soon, and that little daisy will make a nice little plant! 

 Tiger making a little nest in the weeds before I mowed.

The parrot feather and mosquito fish in my little container water garden stay so happy.

 The poppies at The Natural Gardener were so gorgeous.  Someday I'll have a huge space and plenty of funds for a poppy garden.  :o)

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