Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Faeries in Austin

This past weekend I did a little volunteer work at Zilker Botanical Gardens to help with their Faery Garden Plants event.  While there and dressed as a faerie, I enjoyed sharing my own knowledge about faery lore and plants, but also enjoyed meeting people of all ages and soaking up their enthusiasm for the event.  The public seemed to love it.  I heard quite of few adults say they were worried about wanting to come to all the events even though they didn't have children.  I reassured them, that there was no reason for them to not enjoy the event for themselves and that they were not alone.  There was a scavenger hunt and flower seed planting activity too.  I admit, even at my age, that the little faery homes placed around the grounds were delightful to discover.  I'm looking forward to the Faerie Trail By Starlight event coming up on March 15th.  I decided to go ahead and sign up to build my own faerie structure to put on display.  I can't wait to see all of the faerie home designs people come up with and what I end up with.  How fun! ;-)

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