Monday, February 25, 2013

Starry Night Lesson Plan

 (The bottom of this project was cut off a little bit, because all of it wouldn't fit onto my scanner,)

About four years ago I made a post on this blog about a Starry Night Lesson plan that my student teacher at the time, Heather, and I designed for the students at the elementary school that I taught at.  I've had quite a bit of interest in the project recently, so I thought I was include the actual lesson plan I used to help out anyone interested. 

Starry Night Lesson Plan (Grades 2-3)

White drawing paper, or white water color paper - 9 x12 or whatever size you are comfortable with
Black, Purple and Blue Construction Paper (Could be other colors if you choose) - Cut in wide strips to layer
Tempera paint (blue/white, orange/yellow) or acrylic paint if you are brave  ;-)
Drawing Chalk in a variety of colors
Plain chalk

Day 1 -
Show students examples of Van Gogh's paintings, and discuss his painting style and technique. 

Start on the white paper with pencils to lightly draw small circles in the top half of the paper where the stars will be in the sky and a moon if the students want.  Once their stars and moon are drawn where they choose, show them how to use light dashes circling around the stars and radiating out.  Students will use these guide lines to create brush strokes mimicking Van Gogh's painting style to make their Starry Night sky.  This should take about one 45 min. class period.

Day 2-
Have construction paper pre-cut to the width of the white paper out for students to choose colors for their project.  Two different colors for the forground and middle ground and onedark color for the cypress tree in the front of the composition.

Students can use plain chalk to draw on the construction paper to get the shape of their cypress tree, and the shape of the hills, etc.  Students then glue construction paper pieces down to the white paper.

Students use chalk to add texture to the tree, landscape and even a village. 

I've taught this lesson a lot and they turn out awesome everytime!  Good luck everyone. Let me know if you have any questions.


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