Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School!

Well, this is my second Monday back at work with my classes. All things are going great. (I work at an amazing school, lucky me) I am getting my classes ready for their first art projects, which always makes me excited. I love seeing what beautiful, crazy, and inventive ideas they come up with. I get so inspired by them.
Things are still rolling with 'Ruth's Locket,' and now I have a solo art show that will be at the Brodie Oaks Starbucks in the middle of September to add into the mix of things to do. Nervous excitement is a good thing though. :-)
I am going to be back in acting classes in another week or so. I am SO excited and ready to be back in class.
Tonight, I get to go to an art teacher workshop at the Austin Museum of Art downtown. yay!
Here's to more opportunities for creative growth!
Cheers! -Misty

PS- I leave you with a couple of images of my silly girls. hee-hee... Tiger likes to stuff herself between couch cushions, and Dolly likes to aggravate her once she gets stuck.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Ruth's Locket"

Just thought I would share information on an exciting upcoming project. I am part of the cast of "Ruth's Locket," a short film that is currently in production. Check out the new website for it!

You can find it at:
Also, if you are on facebook, here is a link to : the facebook fan page