Sunday, July 26, 2015

Five Things I Wish Today

1) I could talk to you, laugh with you, because you were actually who I hoped you were
2) I get VTO so I can go home early, put on comfy clothes and draw dog fairies
3) I was never told all of the awful things you've done behind my back, but I know it's better to know
4) I get to go swimming this afternoon and relax in the water and look up at the clouds
5) You'll stop being the voice in my head soon

Sunday, July 19, 2015

To Whom it may concern

I don't really think many people read my blog and that is ok. I use it as an occasional outlet to post the latest thing I have made or my general thoughts. -

No matter how many times I post a piece of my work, whether completed or in progress like the one below, I always enjoy hearing the response others have to it.  For me it's just my brain trying to communicate without words.  My latest series may seem a little all over the place, but that is exactly my intention. I'm calling it the Communication Series. I am working through a visual representation of what it feels like to try to communicate with someone that is not able to respond in a way the average person would think to be normal, rational or moral. This series is my way of expressing myself constructively about this subject in the only way I will ever be able to. I am SO thankful to have this ability and hope that my heart and soul will bleed into these paintings.