Monday, March 22, 2010

The Winner and This Week's Experiment

**Thanks for the comments you two. :-P
Melissa.... You ARE - the winner... hahaha..., but RB - I will send you an original tiny painting similar to the one you commented on too.
Email me your addresses and I will mail them to you. :-)

Here is an image of one of my painting experiments the past couple of days. I have another 24 x 24 inch one, but it doesn't exactly fit on the scanner. This week I am experimenting with texture and color, using a glitter, specialty yarn and ribbon to paint over. (the two gray streaks in the center are actually a glare from the scanner light. :-/)

Here are a couple of tiles I painted recently as well.

Cheers, and whew I'm definitely feeling my first day back from Spring Break! (time for a nap)

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