Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cable Free and Portrait Fun with Hipstamatic

Ok, I've only been cable free since Thursday afternoon, but I've felt an incredible amount of awareness and creative energy welling up in me since it was disconnected. I suspected it had been eating up my creative energy, and I think I was right. I also finally added the Hipstamatic app to my phone. I guess I had held back on getting it because so many friends and acquaintences had told me they loved it. I can be stubborn that way. It is in fact delightful and creates some really cool images, and it didn't cost me a thing... {I'm still stretching out the use of the iTunes card I won from my friend, Carin's Oscar party, haha} Anyway, I am hoping that without the distraction of television that I will be able to get a lot accomplished, and continue to be a calm, happy me.

Hee-hee, Tiger is cute. :-)

Dolly is bossy with getting my attention. I might need to change her name to Bossy McGhee.

My hair looks kind of crazy in some of these. I love it! :-D

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