Saturday, February 25, 2012


This was a long week, but in some ways a nice one.  Earlier in the week, I traveled with family to attend the funeral of a family member.  Although it was a very sad occasion, it was nice to spend a little time with the family that was there.

After getting back into town, my friend, Carin, offered to have people over for snacks and for me to practice teaching a book binding lesson.  Turns out I have several kinks to work out, so it was a good idea.  Ha.
This Saturday morning, I am letting the stresses of this week go while enjoying a warm cup of Spiced Fig tea with honey, and planning my next attempt at a two hour book binding lesson. 

Hope everyone is having a relaxing, stress free Saturday!

P.S. - This was my "brunch" today... I have a problem... (admitting is the first step to recovery right?!)

Ham and cheese filled brioche.  Lord  help me, they're delicious!!!  :-P

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